Tonali Chun Pao gives red – too easy to punish

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AC Milan midfielder Sandro Tonali was upset with the referee’s role in the 2-0 Champions League defeat to AC Milan.

Milan got the job from the first 18 minutes, when the referee gave a red card to defender Fikayo Tomori, the team’s defender after looking to foul Mason Mount, who is missing the shot. Ready to give away a penalty for Chelsea before Jorginho scored the first goal ufabet and won 2-0 in the end.

Tonali said angrily after the game: “There were a lot of such incidents during the game. When you concede a penalty and a red card after 18 minutes of touching like that.”

“We would have turned it into a basketball and it was all a foul, no matter what contact. It’s like that. We’ve got a few more ludicrous yellow cards. Embarrassingly conceded free-kicks only in the first half.”

“however We have to try to keep our attention for the rest of the game. We try to play with pride and passion. Even though it’s very difficult with a situation like that.”

Anyway, we have to look at the rest of the game. We tried to play with pride and passion, even if it was very difficult in the circumstances.

It’s disappointing for all the fans who came here tonight, packed the stadium and expected a different match. We thank them for coming.