Dean sympathizes with Rodri’s goal being confiscated for light handball

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Mike Dean, a famous former British referee, has written an article analyzing the role of the black shirt in the Champions League game at FC Copenhagen and Manchester City 0-0 in the Champions League. Wan this that It’s hard to decide when seizing Rodri‘s stunning long-range goal ufabet.

The 12th minute ball, when City set up the ball in front of the box, bounced off the top of the penalty area, arrived at the spanish midfielder from 23 yards, shot through the air under the crossbar.  

But then , referee Arthur Soares Dias , a Portuguese, received a signal from the VAR room. Ran out to see and it was clear that the ball hit Riyad Mahrez ‘s arm first , so the score was forfeited back.

However, in the past, Pauline was sympathetic to all parties in such a cadence. Because of handball decisions – not handball , sometimes the black shirt standards are not equal.  

“ Handball is the toughest decision for a black shirt. ” Cast via ‘ Mail Online ‘ .

“ It doesn’t matter how hard you try. Controversies in football are still difficult to avoid because of events of this nature. It gives an opportunity to interpret the rules written out. ” 

“ Let me judge a tattoo , a stumble , a push , a hold in the penalty area or every week offside. Better than deciding a handball. ” 

“ Because those are direct behaviors. But handball takes many factors into account. In this regard, we will pick up the Football League events of the weekend as well. ”

“ Some incidents will tell – for example, the goal of Man Utd striker Marcus Rashford was not given because of an accidental handball. He did it himself before the kill against Everton – and if it had to be handball by natural body language – not natural. That’s even more complicated. ” 

“You have to find out if the ball is in the red zone ( under the sleeve ) or in the green zone ? Where is the proximity to which the ball hits ? Reaction ? Do you intend ?”

“ Is the arm position natural or not? Body balance during movement ? 

“ Does the movement of the body of the arms play a part in making it bigger ?” 

“ Even with the introduction of VAR technology , handball decisions remain controversial to this day. ” 

City had their first clean target in an official game since April 13 , but another match resulted in Dortmund’s 1-1 draw with Sevilla , which left Josep Guardiola’s men Score enough to pass through to the knockout round.